Saturday, March 17, 2012

E-Discovery Outsourcing To India

Electronic discovery (e-discovery) in India is yet to be accepted as a part of organisational practice. However, e-discovery is widely used in developed nations. E-discovery in India and its uses must be explained to business houses and individuals so that the potential of e-discovery can be utilised to the maximum possible extent.

Although Indian companies and organisations are still exploring use of e-discovery in their business models yet e-discovery outsourcing, LPO and KPO services in India has great potential. However, e-discovery services require techno legal expertise that very few individuals and firms possess. Electronic discovery and litigation support services in India are, therefore, still evolving.

At Perry4Law and Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) we believe that electronic discovery (e-discovery) services in India can be used by organisations, law enforcement agencies, lawyers, public prosecutors, defense attorney, etc. Similarly, e-discovery services in India may also be required in civil and criminal cases.

Virtual data rooms and legal compliances in India have further increased the scope of e-discovery in India. E-discovery for cloud computing in India is another are that would emerge. Even e-discovery for social media in India would be required.

Perry4Law and PTLB believe that e-discovery in India needs to be developed so that various stakeholders can be benefited from it. Further, if India wishes to be an e-discovery outsourcing hub of the world, India must concentrate further upon e-discovery.

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